The Flying Scotsman is gone

THE FLORID & LURID SEX DANCERS of the Flying Scotsman got a text on Tuesday 13th October to confirm the strip pub is officially closed forever. It is the owners who closed it, it seems, rather than the council, as their long-promised redevelopment was now ready to begin. On 9th December it re-opened as The Scottish Stores (its original name), a craft beer pub of depressing respectability.

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~ by Casanova on September 28, 2015.

22 Responses to “The Flying Scotsman is gone”

  1. They celebrate the “softest of openings”! Yes, soft openings was what some of us used to go there for. … 7728581632

  2. Passing the place earlier I buttonholed someone about to go into the Keystone Project Office (previously The Backpacker). He gave me a rapid tour of what was the Scotsman being re-furbishjed. It will be re-opening as The Scottish Stores. Food will be available from the Backpacker but it will be ale/ craft beers rather than a foodie place, 8 handpumps + loads of bottles. The refurbishment has obviously removed the stage but the hunting scenes pictures have. The guy (new manager) showing me round said he wasn’t concerned about football crowds turning up vecause once they saw the beer prices they would not stay. Sounds ominous but at least it survives as a pub even if it loses the strip.

    • @foreshaken. Don’t expect much using the places listed here
      They are nearly all “Gentlemen’s Venues” rather than strip pubs. The strip pubs listed that I recognise (Beehive, Dartmoutrh Arms, Queen Anne, Upton Manor Tavern, William IV) are all now dead.

    • @foreshaken. Don’t expect much using the places listed here
      Missed a couple. The Red Lion is long dead. Never been to Mitre or Piano Bar but I think they are also dead. Never been there but I think Blush was the upstairs bar of The White Horse, which Trotsky rightly categorises as bland.

    • Trotsky, they have not arrived yet but this manager guy took my email and promised to send me pictures taken of the work in progress that he had done to send to suppliers. If they turn up, how can I get them to you? Can you message me an email address?

    • Still no sign of my promised photos of the new interior. However passing it earlier, although at pavement level it is still gloomy brown with opening hours etc for Flying Scotsman, up above there is a large new sign saying “Scottish Stores” with something like “A freehouse since 1901” below. Also they have got an old fashioned pub board saying Scottish Stores with a picture of a kilted Scotsman.

  3. Where to next then?

    I am really sad and disappointed in the manner this place was shut down. I can understand it is just big business and the owners want to cash in their asset. But they should have announced the closure early so there could have been a proper farewell party for all. I admit I loved going to the Flying Scotsman. The dancers and staff were great and I really miss the place already.

    Anyway life goes on. My question is are there any other places like it? Someone below mentioned the Cali pub in North Woolwich. But this is miles away. Are there any strip joints like the Flying Scotsman that anyone can recommend? I know of the Griffin and some places around Old Street but these are just not the same.

    • The Flying Scotsman was last of its kind I think. One of the great treasures of the British Empire lost forever. Personally I would reject Browns, Horns, Griffin, White Horse. Too bland, bright and Stepford Wivish for me. The only places I would go to now are the Old Axe & Sports Bar in Shoreditch, and Sunset Strip in Soho.

    • In case others are interested, there are a lot of strip clubs in the London area listed here: . It looks like it is going to be a busy few months for me as I find a replacement favourite drinking den.

      Also, I have really enjoyed reading some of the articles on The Flying Scotsman by Ernst in his “The Stripper” blog linked to the right. Now I am wondering who he. I would probably recognise all the regulars there.

  4. The Cally is stripped of erotic shows as pub goes gastro

  5. There is now a Facebook page that describes the flying Scotsman as a beer garden with the address as 2 – 4 Caledonian road. Where the garden is i have no idea.One of the girls has just received a text today saying that it has closed as a striptease place on a permanent basis.

    • Yes, that’s what 2 of the girls told me. One of them said me that a few weeks before the closure there had been a fight. Someone (I presume fighter rather than staff) ended up spending the night in police custody. As a result, police recommendation was 2 security staff permanently on duty at the pub. I can see that as a pub closer. Up to now Councillor Cleanup’s pleas to the licensing committee to close this den of iniquity have always failed because police had no complaints about the place.

      • What I heard was dancer was being rude to man who was refusing to pay her & really provoking him with insults. Barman intervened and man smashed a full pint of beer against side of barman’s head. The two barmen followed the man outside and proceeded to rain blows down upon him. The man had to be taken away in an ambulance with broken eye socket among other injuries, and one of the barmen was arrested and charged with assault. Peter was called to the council and they told him he could keep the licence as long as he sacked the members of staff responsible so he did. Dancer and 2 barmen. The incident may have been, er, incidental to the subsequent closure of the pub.

  6. Passing the place last night, they haven’t even bothered to paint over the Flying Scotsman sign on front giving the opening hours let alone put up a sign saying closed, whether permanently or otherwise,

    • Passing today there is now a notice (well, sheet of landscape A4) on the pub door saying “The Flying Scotsman is closed at present”. Maybe the Keystome Hostel front desk got fed up with enquirers?

  7. I didn’t notice but apparently the Backpacker next door (under same management of course, one beer cellar for both bars) already closed on 18 Sept and its FB page states “permanently closed”. Not a good omen. … /timeline/

  8. The hostel has grown like a fungus since it opened. It is such a huge money spinner for them. In 2009 they were actually going to make the Flying Scotsman BIGGER. Keystone Recruitment moved out of their offices behind the Scotsman and they built a new dancing room and new stage behind the current back wall of the stage now. It was so far advanced and ready to open that they got Kamille to test the pole; I think she concluded the stage was too low and needed to be raised a bit. The dancing room now was going to have tables & chairs for “decent” people to eat and drink, and us connoisseurs of bosom & buttock wanting the strippers could “progress” (or regress) (or digress) through to the back room.

    They then changed their mind and turned that space into the hostel instead! Ripped out the new stage before it was ever used.

    Then bit by bit the hostel ate up the stairs that used to lead from the girls bench to the upstairs rooms; it then ate up the bench the girls used to sit on beside the stage; it then ate up the little changing room/cupboard they made beside the stage; it then ate up the Roof Bar that was above The Brill/Backpacker. Now perhaps they are going to make more bedrooms out of what is now the dancing room?

    I can imagine one of the hostel’s bedrooms having the Scotsman’s untouchable bar in the middle of it and they just build a bedroom around it.

  9. Sounds like the end of it as a strip pub. If it had just been a quick repaint they would have done it over a Bank Holiday. I shall just stick to trips to North Woolwich as long as the Cali staggers on.

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